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Twatwaffle - The Diabetic Coma
4 July
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Hola, I'm a chick with short bright red hair. That changes a lot, but thats what it is right now. I have used to have 20 piercings, but I am now down to a measely 8 (4 guage earlobes, 16 guage lobes, eyebrow, both nipples, and belly button). I have two tattoos...one of a rainbow coloured ying yang in the middle of my back and a celtic knot on my lower back (black with gray shading).

I'm usually perpetually, tragically single...at the moment I'm single...and if I'm looking for you, you'll know...otherwise fuck off. I'll probably tell you that I'm a lesbian but that is an obvious lie. But ok really is it just me or do most guys suck? Seriously?

I'm currently a senior in college majoring in entrepreneurship, and plan to graduate May 2005. I'm an asshole with a heart of gold and my favorite types of music are oldies/classic rock and 80's (though i do have a diverse musical taste...those are just my current favs). Ok that and anything that involves Billy Corgan...I love that man! He has the *most* amazing voice. *drools*

My favorite movie is prolly either What dreams may come or Office Space...although that could be wrong. Could also be the Utena movie. I like to have fun and be spontanious. I also like having a warm body to curl up with.

Thats all I feel like saying at the moment...talk to me if you care/want to...whatever...
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