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02:39am 21/01/2005
  Just a reminder...my new lj is _holycrap_

Some of you that I was wanting to come over to my new journal haven't. Come comment in my new journal and I'll add you. ^_^

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02:20pm 09/12/2004


(Are You The One For Only Me?)

11:46am 09/12/2004
mood: awake
Ok really though, I ought to stop buying myself things so close to christmas...wait...i just remembered I expect nothing good from anyone. Maybe I should continue ^_^

I just bought the Party Monster DVD and soundtracks for Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scisorhands.

I suppose if you bitches really feel the need to get me things for christmas here is a brief list of things i'd love...

++Any of Jello Biafra's spoken word albums (the only one I have in machine gun in clown hands...shilo you could just give that back...)
++Any of the other soundtracks Danny Elfman did aside from the two previously mentioned ones (ones I'd really like to have are beetlejuice and nightmare before christmas)
++Most movies with Seth Green
++most movies with Johnny Depp
++Purple things
++Anything Love Spell scented from Victoria's secret.

Ok really though I don't expect anything from ya'll. In fact don't even bother spending money on me...like if you have any of those things i mentioned just make me an illigal copy...i'll love as if it were corporately manufacutred. Or if you have any of those things that you just don't want anymore...throw them my way. *nod*

Two tests down...two to go. I should be studying...but I'm shopping. Feh...

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fljaowhrf NIN   
10:34am 09/12/2004
mood: amused
I'm listening to pretty hate machine again! Lyrics!!!!

well shut up so what what does it matter now. i was swimming in the haze now i
crawl on the ground. and everything i never liked about you is kind of seeping
into me. try to laugh about it now but isn't it funny how everything works
out ("I guess the jokes on me." she said

i was up above it
i was up above it
now i'm down in it

Those in particular remind me of myself a lot. Heh. ^_^

mindless lyric post...move alongCollapse )

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09:48am 09/12/2004
  So I get up this morning and my nose is running like a pothead who just saw free weed. I'm all like "I'll be healier and just not smoke until later today". Yah it keeps running and I end up smoking on the way to school. Low and behold my nose stops running. WTF!? I'm allergic, not weird reverse allergic. *damns chemical dependencies*

Certain things people say bother me. Even people very close to me. I find it emensely agravating when people fail to have some semblence of rationality. I suppose its kinda a double standard since I tend to be irrational at times and it prolly annoys other people. Blah. It just bothers me that I can't go "yo, you're being dumb" because then people get offended. I'll be the first to admit when I'm being dumb and irrational...I'm fully aware of that. Doesn't make me want to be rational...but I am aware of it.

So yah I just had lunch...at 9:20am. Woot. I had sushi and strawberry milk. The astonishing part for anyone that knows me: I used soy sauce. *gasp* It tasted good too. ^_^ Now I want more sushi but don't want to pay $6 for it. >.<

I'm thinking about calling Craig today. Its funny I can tell him to go to the movies with me or the squirells will eat his face, but I get shy about this stuff. Dammit. >.<

Seriously though...come hang out with me tonight. It'll be fun!

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03:10pm 08/12/2004
  Heres what I found out this morning: All 4 of my finals are tomorrow.

8am - professional selling
9am - Organizational design and change
1:30 - e-management
4pm - market research and information

So...Tomorrow night around 6 I'm gonna make dinner and drink beer and watch movies...anyone that wants to join me at my apt is welcome. It'll be a good time.

I rented a few movies too:

aqua teen hunger force season 2
chris rock - never scared

I have sminoff twisted raspberry and mike's hard lemonade

I'll probably make macaroni or sketti with meat sauce for dinner

So you should all come and watch my movies, drink my liquor, and eat my food. More movies, liquor, and food are welcome if ya'll want to bring any of those...though i'm wanting mostly comedies...but there are lots of those.

So...whos coming??? ^_^

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XD XD   
10:50pm 07/12/2004
mood: amused

This came from a series of stick figures comics I draw called "the Craig-capades" Just because most of my life is so wacky it needs to be in comic form, I've been drawing a lot of stick figure comics lately...tell me what ya'll think.

Scary thing: this really happened...

Side note: I have a running gag going...so every strip Craig appears in he's smoking...he does smoke a lot in real life though. Haha. The one with the cigaratte, therefore, is Craig and I'm the one with the skirt and hair. *nod*

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09:41am 07/12/2004
  It looks like all my finals are on thrusday. Woot for getting out early.

Also I think I'm skipping grad school, gonan work for a few years and build up capital, and then go into business with Chrissy. *nod*

Plus my cousin Kat gave me this really cute little purse so I think I am gonna get a wallet and a small thing of hand lotion and use that. Yup...it even has room for my death sticks. Which btw I realized is what they used when refering to cigarettes in the bar scene in Star Wars Episode 2 (which my cousins made me watch last night while baby sitting...). Haha

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12:29am 07/12/2004
mood: awake
So its 12:30am. What do normal people with an 8am class do at this hour? Sleep.

So what *am* I doing you ask? I'm making macaroni and having a beer.

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01:33am 06/12/2004
mood: amused
I found pix that I took before my date with Craig...I was being totally crazy but whatever...heres an icon I made:

Heres some of the other pix I took...being a general goober...but my hair was cute!

cute flippy hairCollapse )

Heres some pictures I took after I got home from said date w/Craig...haha

Mauled by wild dogsCollapse )

Woot for pictures!

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11:20pm 05/12/2004
mood: cheerful
How to make a Purple_chica

5 parts friendliness

3 parts silliness

3 parts beauty
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little lustfulness if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Hung out with Chrissy and Mike at IHOP. Racetrac sucks my cock. "law abiding" citizens. *rolls eyes*

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Trust the Dust   
01:55pm 05/12/2004
mood: cheerful
Yesterday was awesome. ^_^ First off I made Nicole and I breakfast and then cleaned my apt.

Later Craig picked me up and took me to Saltgrass. Ok the food was good and I had a good time talking with him but man the service sucked. Oh well...

So then we got out to this comedy club in arlington to see Dustin Diamond do stand up. Yanno...screech off Saved by the Bell? Holy shit he was funny...which I totally didn't expect. Plus this guy is very NOT pc...it was great. We got a picture...I'll get a copy from Craig eventually.

Then we went back to his place and started watching The Nine Lives of some pot smoking cat. Fritz maybe. It was bloody weird. We didn't finish it and I got a back massage ^_^

Now I'm just happy that I own turtle necks. ^_^

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12:50pm 04/12/2004
mood: amused
There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances for a happy change.


I had two girls over here last night...XD

Wow that sounds wrong...its innocent I swear!

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Attention whore: AKA my cat   
02:47am 04/12/2004
mood: sleepy
In other news dustin diamond? Tomorrow will be interesting...

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01:15pm 03/12/2004
  new hair and eyebrow ring. Yo.


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11:34am 03/12/2004
mood: bouncy
I seriously feel insanely calm and at peace with everything. Some things in my life suck, but I'll live...something in everyone's lives will always suck. Somethings in my life are going well...I enjoy that but if they happen to end up sucking too then oh well. I know I get uptight about a lot of things but I feel that rapidly fading away. Like my age for instance. I'm 19 bitches. I'm 19 and about to graduate with a bachelor's in entrepreneurship. How many of you wouldn't have liked to do that? I started college when I was 17...Thats awesome. Sure, I'm a little younger than most of my friends as a result but oh well. I'm doing what I want with my life...rather well might I add. And sooner than most people. Why should I be ashamed? My friends should accept me as I am. So if you're looking for the 19-year-old genius you know where to find her ^_^ (that was a bit of scarcasm...but really I'm tired of lying about my age to sound cool.)

I just feel good...I guess thats all I'm getting at. Maybe no real reason...maybe a lot of reasons. Doesn't really matter. ^_^

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10:08am 01/12/2004
mood: chipper
OMG OMG OMG OMG Alan Cumming is also starring in a remake of Reefer Madness...they're redoing it as a musical with people such as Neve Campbell and Ana Gastreyer (SNL). Wow...I'm speechless...


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IMDB is like a really great orgasam...   
10:02am 01/12/2004
mood: bouncy
Its good and theres always room for more. Wow that was lame.

But ok Wyatt from Josie and the Pussycats (creepy British guy) was in a lot of movies...he was the nerd with the big binder because he always had a boner because of Michelle in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion! He was also Nightcrawler in X-men and made appearances in all spy kids movies and Spice World the Spice Girls movie. And he was in Emma...XD

Alan Cumming.

God I love IMDB. *squee*

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Escapes...this is probably funny enough ot read...   
11:59pm 30/11/2004
mood: happy
Heres my day yesterday.

Wake up...Mike comes over so we can get his car because it got towed...found out where it got towed to. Deposited my paycheck, paid a speeding ticket of mine, then had dinner at ihop for 3 hours. Made stick figure cartoons. XD

Decided to see a movie before getting Mike's car from the impound lot, so I text-messaged his friend Craig and said that he should come with us or the squirells would eat his face. He agreed to go but only after continuing our long running fight of whether Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphies is better. I prefer Flogging Molly...but I love them both...anyway I yelled at him ^_^ ...but then he yelled back. Heh. ^^ Anyway he agreed to come see Without a Paddle with us at the dollar theatre. XD

Went to pick up Craig. Had a cosmopolitain for the first time (something fruity and vodka)...it was pretty good. Made Mike drive as a result...spent the drive singing badly to Dropkick Murphies (slight cater to Craig's wishes...whatever) and chain smoking. Saw the movie. Its awesome. Craig tried to steal my armrest...he elbowed me in the tit so I attempted to crush his ribs. It was rather amusing...until he bit my arm and ran out of the theatre after insulting me after the movie was over...lol whatever...so we were driving back to Craig's with the windows rolled down because we were smoking. (Just as a note: Craig chain smokes and I socially smoke...I had like 16 cigarettes last night...lol) I said Mmmm...bukake and freaked mike out. The rain really was hitting my face, and i was inebriated enough not to be cold. ^_^ Watched bad porn called Spiderbabe on Showtime. Haha. Everytime she saved the girl she fucked them. LOL

Then Mike ran off to play Blood Rayne 2 and Craig and I went in the other room so he could subject me to some new music (Nick Cave...hes pretty good too). We talked about a bunch of random stuff...it was nice. Craig's a really cool guy...he asked me to dinner saturday so thats should be fun...I'm much looking foreward to it. So Mike and I didn't end up leaving there until like...5am. I needed breakfast by then so we got IHOP again then went to fort worth to get his car back, and they didn't take checks so we almost had to go back to mike's bank in grapevine but I found my debit card and had him write the check to me at the last minute. It was damn cold too.

Came home and crashed for a few hours before waking up late, and rushing to my mothers to use her printer and make a posterboard presentation that sucked anyway. I walked in recking of cigarettes with a pack hanging out of my pocket and she didn't notice. haha. Missed my morning classes. Feh.

Got back from school and picked up a pound of coffee and a carton of smokes on teh way. I feel so debacherous. Would have been more so if I had a few 40's...but Mike is supposed to get me some I think ^_^ Anyhow...Chrissy came over and stole some of my smokes and watched Josie and the Pussycats with me and had dinner. Then we went to IHOP because we got cold smoking outside and got coffee...much fun was had by all.

I'm still running on two hours of sleep...this has been a crazy last few days...but very enjoyable...oi oi

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11:44pm 30/11/2004
mood: happy
Name: Meaghan
D.O.B.: 1985
Location: DFW Texas
Religion: Iunno...Buddhist Christian?
Occupation: Administrative Manager @ Anime Owns You


Hair: Blonde/orange
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 8''


Clothing: Trashy, punk, or business...usually...
Music: Lots of things...Bowling for Soup is my fav of the moment
Make-up: Pretty colours
Body art: two tattoos, eyebrow piercing, nipple piercings, belly button piercing, and a few in the ears


Wearing: Teenage mutant ninja turtle tank top and reeces peanut butter cup pj pants
Listening to: Billy Idol
Thinking of: Happy things ^_^


Bought: Coffee for Chrissy and I
Ate and drank: Coffee and Tuna Helper
Read: Animal Farm
Watched on TV: Fraiser

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